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White Coffee to combine with Malaysian bread

White Coffee

White Coffee to combine with Malaysian bread

Coffee is a drink that is commonly enjoyed by Malaysians apart from our usual “Teh Tarik”, “Kopi O Ais”, and other beverages but many of us are unable to see the difference between standard/ black coffee with white coffee, which will be the topic of discussion for today. Contrary to the misconception that white coffee has white colour, it looks the same as black coffee only that there is a difference in terms of roasting temperature, flavor, and caffeine levels. These insights are provided by Papparoti, one of the best signature bun or Malaysia bread brand providers in Malaysia.

Differences between white and black coffee

As mentioned, the roasting temperature makes a huge difference in terms of distinguishing black coffee and white coffee. The lower roasting temperature of white coffee makes it higher and stronger caffeine content compared to the original. The temperature to roast for black coffee is often measured between 190 to 250 degrees while white coffee is roasted somewhere at a cooler temperature which is 160 degrees. If you need to stay awake and feel more alert and energized, then probably you can go for white coffee. Other than that, people tend to describe white coffee as having a nutty flavour compared to black beans which often have a various assortment of characteristic flavours. 

Brewing white coffee

As white coffee beans are roasted at a much lower temperature for a short period, the result means they are much firmer compared to regular roasted beans. This implies that white coffee beans are virtually impossible to grind using a regular grinder and there is a very high chance for these beans to cause damage to the grinder or destroy it completely. Once you get your hands on a pre-ground version, things can be done without much hassle and all you have to do is to brew it exactly as you would using your standard espresso machine or home brewer.

Benefits of white coffee

Due to its stronger caffeine content, white coffee contains more healthy antioxidants and acids (also known as chlorogenic acids) because the beans are not roasted at the same time as black coffee. Technically white coffee’s light roast allows more of the plant-based chemicals in it thus better results in terms of health benefits. If you do take it with healthy malaysian bread, that would certainly give you the edge for work performance since you consume stronger caffeine content plus carbohydrates from Papparoti’s signature bun.

With regards to acidity, white coffee is less acidic compared to regular coffee and for people who suffer from acidity such as abdominal pain, bloating and nausea, white coffee is much recommended due to its being less acidic, which is good for your stomach and digestive system. Other health benefits include mood improvement, anti-inflammatory properties, and lowering blood pressure. White coffee beans can also increase mental alertness and concentration due to their higher volume of caffeine content and of course result in getting your tasks done more efficiently. 


There are so many different ways to drink white coffee. You can have it iced, hot, or blended in a latte. Papparoti, the best bun coffee in Malaysia, has many wide selections for white coffee. The list is as follows: Papparoti White Coffee 3 in 1, Ice Blended White Coffee, Ice White Coffee, and Hot White Coffee. For more info, you can visit us here.


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