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Malaysia Sale Deals with Hargapedia, Exclusive Shopee Voucher Code 2021

Malaysia Sale Deals with Hargapedia, Exclusive Shopee Voucher Code 2021


Sale 12.12

Hargapedia is back again for a great 12.12 deal this December. Free gift when you purchase this list of items from Unilever. The list goes as follows: Vaseline Resistance Band, Lifebuoy Hand Towel, Lux Foldable Laundry Bag, Luminarc Plate, Comfort Bath Towel, LC Kanahei Plate, Sunsilk Glass Tumbler, Clear Dry Shampoo, Cosmetic Mirror, Lipton Season Mug.

Get yourself clean with Lux shower gel, body wash, and soap. Lux is a well-known personal care brand from Unilever and this is the great opportunity to purchase these high-quality cleaning products at a lower price. To do this, claim this limited-time Shopee voucher code, on Hargapedia. The shower gel is really important especially during these pandemic times. Not only does it clean and protect you from bacteria but also exfoliates your skin, making your skin feel new after scrubbing off the dead skin layers from your whole body.

Groceries cheapest deals are also here. Purchase by 12th Dec and enjoy unbelievable prices such as RM27 for 2kg worth of Milo, RM18.50 for 300g worth of Nescafe, RM 18.90 for 3.6 kg of Top Detergent, RM 3.99 for Hup Seng crackers, and many more. Another notable favourite brand among Malaysians is Maggi which is valued only at RM7.40 for 6 cups of curry flavour ( 59 g each). Kind reminder to add these products to “Cart Now” and make the purchase by 14 Dec.

Lazada also is offering exclusive deals on 12.12. Our comparative price app allows you to browse thoroughly the products that are available cheap on that day. Love drinking milk? There is a discount on Dutch lady 1L. Now you can enjoy this high-quality fresh milk without going through a lot of hassle buying it elsewhere at a costlier price. Better yet, dip some nice oreo biscuits in it! Lazada offers great deals on Oreo products as well valued at only RM 3.73. There is nothing better than having a lovely combo meal with these two brands exclusively on 12.12. Make sure to check Lazada online shopping & deals Malaysia to redeem vouchers and use them on their marketplace.

Great Gaming Chair Deal

If there is anyone up for a gaming chair, this is sure a fantastic 12.12 deal that you don’t want to miss. Sakula is giving huge discounts ranging from 64% to 53%. If you do spend a lot of time sitting on a chair and looking at a computer screen, this chair is definitely worth the buy and the cheapest available is their 818-Black Red model which is priced at RM 169. Previously it was RM 469. That is 64% off and it is definitely worth the time to check and look into this good-looking red and black gaming chair. The chair is mostly covered by Carbon Fibre PU Leather, a very strong and durable material that is used by many high-end companies these days. 

The material also allows for faster heat dissipation thus ensuring your seat will always stay cool and making you feel comfortable throughout the day. For those who don’t play video games, there is nothing to worry about as this fine gaming chair provides ergonomic standards. It means that the components are adjustable allowing for effective posture support. Usually, standard office chairs don’t provide this thus can cause chronic poor posture which leads to back and shoulder pain if sitting for long hours.

Those are the highlighted products for ‘promotion Malaysia’. Most of these products are on offer until 14 Dec. So whether it is for groceries, personal care, and upholster, Hargapedia got all of your wanted products covered. Make sure to visit us here for full insights into all products that are on sale. Hargapedia is Malaysia’s leading grocery, health and beauty price comparison app and the app has been downloaded by more than 1 Million Malaysians.


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