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The Latest Great Deals For Home Appliances In Malaysia!

Kitchen appliances


The Latest Great Deals For Home Appliances In Malaysia!

Hargapedia is back again showcasing home appliances for great deals Malaysia. There are a total of 114 air fryer products on sale starting with RM 158. Understandably, these days people would still prefer to use the conventional method which is by frying or oven. Although these two methods do have their pros and cons, air fryers shouldn’t be taken lightly as it also provides a lot of benefits to the users.


Generally, air fryers use or circulate hot air to cook food in contrast to putting them in oil. The air fryer’s cooking chamber then discharges heat from a heating element nearby the food, and a fan would circulate hot air to make sure that the food is cooked without relying too much on oil.


Air Fryers

Air fryers can promote weight loss as less oil is consumed to cook the food. Studies have shown that higher obesity risk is linked directly to a higher intake of fried food. When it comes to safety, air fryers can be much safer than deep fryers due to the consumption of less oil and deep frying foods usually involves heating a container full of boiling oil. Air fryers also mitigate the risk of toxic acrylamide formation since these dangerous compounds can be developed via deep frying. The compound acrylamide may contribute to the development of cancers such as breast, pancreatic, ovarian, and esophageal cancer thus the best prevention is by using air frying.

Most of the popular air fryer brands are available on Hargapedia. Take, for example, Corvan F38 Air Fryer. It has XL capacity, which is a full-size 3.8L frying basket. This is to make sure that you have so much space to fry your favourite fries and chicken. There is a cool-touch hand grip and body designed to make it easier for you to carry the lightweight air fryer. An auto pause and resume mode so that you don’t get your food overcooked. Some previous air fryers are equipped with manual mode thus people may forget to switch it on or off when frying.


Coffee Machines

Best promotion in Malaysia for coffee machines? There are many affordable brands available on Hargapedia. Some brands include Cornell, Elba, Electrolux, and Khind. Why do you need a coffee machine? Simple, there are a lot of benefits to buying it. Saving money is one of them. We often spend an average of RM10-20 per coffee, depending on the cafes that we usually patronise. Assuming you spend RM 12 a day on coffee on weekdays, you could end up saving RM 240 per month with a coffee maker. Don’t overlook the health benefits of coffee as well. That is also another reason why every coffee lover should get one instead of buying coffee outside every day.

Studies have discovered that coffee can prevent Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, type 2 diabetes, and liver diseases. Awesome right? Lastly, has anyone heard of Latte Art? For Coffee lovers, this is something that they should try. Apart from drinking coffee, why not create a variety of shapes and patterns by combining coffee and milk in a certain way? Latte art has become mainstream in recent years and people are trying to learn how to make wonderful shapes of patterns by pouring microfoam into an espresso shot. So try now and expand your creativity. 

For starters, you can try Elba ECM-F1895 which only cost RM 177. Elba has been an established brand in the home appliances category and there is no harm in trying an affordable product. So get this coffee machine today and save your time by getting your coffee in the comfort of your home.


Visit Hargapedia to check on all the latest home appliances and redeem limited-time promotion Malaysia, discounts on our platform. 


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