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Baking paper or aluminium foil for oven baking?

Aluminum or Baking paper for oven baking

Baking paper vs aluminium foil. Which is more useful for baking?

Today’s blog is brought to you by Papparoti, the popular Malaysia bread brand, and it centres around the current trend topic that involves material for food wrapping in an oven. The most talked-about on Google lately revolves around a comparison between aluminium foil and baking paper. We will explore more on the difference, the functionality, and the benefits and disadvantages of them in terms of wrapping food and baking. 


Parchment Paper/ Baking Paper

Parchment paper, also known as baking paper, is paper covered with silicone. It usually comes in two types which are unbleached or bleached varieties. The main functionality of this silicone is preventing the paper from sticking out, heat-resistant, and also water-resistant. This ultimately makes the baking paper an all-rounder for baking purposes. It can be placed on top or in between desserts and candies or you can even use the baking paper to cover your workspace (if you want to do your baking there) so that messy stuff like rolling out your dough can be prevented. 


Apart from making it as a cover, it can be used as a mini channel to transfer dry ingredients like spices back and forth, you can use it to steam cook meat, fish, and chicken. It’s a great complementary product besides using your pan since you can cook freely without causing lots of mess.


Parchment paper is also known as the “anti-mess weapon” of the kitchen because you can easily clean up in a variety of ways by using it. These days parchment paper is already pre-cut into sizes so you choose the right size be it for cooking or for cleaning.


Aluminium Foil


Aluminium Foil is another way to use as a wrapping paper to do your baking or cooking. Aluminium foil is basically a very thin part of aluminium. It will be really useful to combine it with pans and dishes you are cooking hence that makes the cleanup much easier. Foil can be utilised for steaming food like veggies, fish, and chicken in the oven. It can also be used for wrapping dishes, sandwiches to keep them warm and also covering meat if you plan to freeze it for a short amount of time.


Some people tend to wrap food with aluminium foil in the oven without placing a box or a container which could cause some serious issues such as disrupting the heat distribution in the oven since the oven racks are covered with foil, hence cooking results can be downsized due to this. Another problem with foil is the lack of ability to keep food from sticking. This is completely different from parchment paper, which is famously known to prevent food from sticking. So if you still prefer to use aluminium foil, then you may have to add grease to it so that the food won’t stick to it. This however can cause additional costs since now you have to spend more money on cooking sprays such as olive oil or coconut oil.


Winner: Parchment Paper


Overall parchment paper provides more benefits compared to parchment paper. Its strong features such as water-resistant, heat-resistant, and preventing it from sticking out make it the best material for baking and cooking purposes.




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