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10 Best Baby Products And Drypers And Deals For 2022 In Malaysia With Hargapedia

Baby Products Shopping


From clothes to toys and even diapers, there are plenty of baby products you need to sort through when it comes to newborns. What is the latest formula milk out there? Which is the healthiest baby food that is most preferred by parents nowadays? This article will guide you through the best products from the most selected brands for babies, and be on the lookout for exciting promotions and discounts offered here on Hargapedia. The featured products will be from Drypers Malaysia, and others included are Apple Monkey, Gerber, and Milk brands such as Anmum essential and Enfalac A+.

Baby food Products

Apple Monkey

Babies, in general, have difficulty chewing since it takes time to grow the first molars (chewing teeth). If parents still insist on feeding them adult food, that would increase the risk of choking. “Apple Monkey Rice Cracker” is a delicious and healthy snack that consists of vegetables as an ingredient. It can benefit toddlers, especially babies, since it is made from organic Jasmine Rice mixed with natural fruit and vegetable, no MSG, and no preservatives. Most importantly, it has a soft texture and will melt in the baby’s mouth, a vital criterion for preventing dangerous events such as choking or illnesses. Plus, it comes in an oval shape, making it less hassle for the babies to grab it.

Gerber Products

Gerber, the well-known American baby food and baby products supplier, offers a list of brands such as “DHA Probiotic Oat Cereal,”Multigrain Banana Apple Strawberry,” and “Probiotic Oat & Banana Cereal.” As you can see, these products contain probiotics, which are known as good bacteria and can help infants since they are born with an impotent gastrointestinal (GI) system that could lead to infections or diseases. Over time, when consumed, these good bacteria will accumulate in the babies’ bodies, thus making them create a barrier in their GI tract, developing a tougher immune system and preventing unwanted infections. 


Wee Wee dry baby diapers & Classic baby diapers

Drypers, one of the leading brands in baby diapers, has provided great offers on its two products: “Classic Baby Diapers” and “Wee Wee Dry Baby Diapers.” Wee Wee Diapers have come in with new and improved features such as the Pro-Skin pH Balanced layer, which maintains an optimal dryness that can prevent skin irritation and makes the baby’s skin comfortable for nearly 10 hours. It also comes with a leakage indicator which indicates you change the diaper when it changes colour from yellow to blue. Your baby keeps on urinating? The diaper has 6 “AsborbDry” Layers that absorb, distribute & lock-in urine effectively, thus avoiding issues such as urine leakage.

Fancy a different type? Try “Drypers Classic” for an active lifestyle. Suppose you like to walk or move around with your baby. In that case, this amazing diaper has a ClassicFit Waistband that comfortably fits a growing baby for leakage protection and ease of movement. Another interesting feature is the 100% breathable Self Cool Cover. It has a cloth-like cover with 2,000 micro pores that allows air circulation around the baby’s delicate skin. It naturally releases heat and moisture to keep the baby’s skin optimal. Finally, you also don’t have to worry about wet issues near the baby’s skin since this “Drypers classic” has 100% faster absorption, thus preventing skin irritation.

In addition to diapers, Drypers also has its very own baby bath product: Drypers Baby Head to Toe Avocado. It is enhanced with natural Oat Kernel extract and Baby-Friendly Fragrance to help soothe the baby’s delicate skin, resulting in moisturised and soft skin. It is worth it to get a skincare product for your babies apart from diapers since you don’t want to risk your baby getting eczema and stripping natural oils and hydration on the baby’s skin.

Starting from just RM 15.50, visit our Drypers Malaysia page to redeem the latest discounts and vouchers from Shopee and Lazada.

Milk Powder/Formula Milk

Milk powder or formula milk products are generally the alternative solutions for feeding infants or babies since breast milk is the primary option. However, there are times when milk powder can be applied when the babies cannot digest breast milk or the mother is incapable of feeding the baby. Powdered milk or formula milk is the best solution in light of this event. The advantages of powdered milk are a lot and can benefit the baby in terms of nutrients, mobility, convenience, etc. 

Formula milk, such as Ammum Essential Gold Step 3 Plain, and Enfalac A+, contain essential nutrients such as Vitamin C, Vitamin A, Iron, Zinc, and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). In addition to that, formula milk is an excellent source of carbohydrates and energy, which is precisely what a healthy baby requires to grow up.

Hargapedia has so much to offer apart from the ten products we mentioned here. Visit us today to explore more on these products, and we also got you covered on the latest discounts, sales, Shopee voucher code, and Lazada online shopping & deals Malaysia


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