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5 Best Father’s Day Products to Use with Lazada & Shopee Voucher Codes

Father's Day Deals

Father's Day Deals


Father’s day will be up in a few days, and we want to highlight some branded products for you to choose from. If you’re going to improve your dad’s health, lifestyle and appearance, grab these limited-time June offers from Hargapedia. Our Shopee voucher code, Lazada voucher code Malaysia, and Shopee voucher will last until 30 June 2022.


While everything is starting to go back to normal, there is one thing that has returned and haunts us all; Traffic jams. Traffic congestion has worsened our daily routines, including going to the gym, and would cause a hassle to everyone, especially the senior citizens like our parents. Gintell’s SporTrek Treadmill is a solution for that. Your father is probably looking forward to doing his exercises, and this treadmill may be the right equipment for him. 

The treadmill has six pieces of elastic cushion support and an anti-slip surface designed to prevent knee and joint injury. The features are suitable for the elderly since they are susceptible to injuries and diseases. The treadmill may sound pricey, but its benefits outweigh the cons. Do you know that it is very similar to running, and your dad doesn’t even need to go outside and find some areas to jog? It is time-consuming and effective. Another benefit we want to highlight is that treadmills also improve cardiovascular health.

As mentioned earlier, running on a treadmill can boost strength and improve heart endurance. It also encourages better blood circulation, which is vital for oxygen distribution. Most importantly, it vastly reduces the risk for heart disease, which happens commonly to the elderly. Want more discounts for Gintell treadmill? Then use our Shopee voucher to redeem them.


Lazada has offered discounts up to 85% for Apple products such as Apple Mac Pro Lock Adapter, Apple AirPods Pro, and Apple Airpods with Charging Case. If your father is using Apple products, then this is the right time to indulge him. Or, if your father is not using it, why not give him an Apple iPhone or Macbook for a change? There are a few reasons Apple is better than Android in terms of the operating systems and the gadgets. First and foremost, iPhones are generally faster than Android, based on the latest reviews on other tech websites. They have better pre-loaded apps, powerful specs, smooth software updates, and different strengths such as usability and privacy. There is a significant discount on their lock adapter, which is currently priced at only RM35. It is worth trying their lock adapter to prevent outsiders from accessing the internal components. For an add-on, you can use our limited-time Lazada free voucher and Lazada voucher code Malaysia which will expire on 30 June.


Yes, another product deemed valuable for men’s hygiene couldn’t get any better than getting it on Father’s Day. Get discounts up to 70% for these listed perfume brands, such as the “Coach for Man” spray-on Shopee. Also, get more deals by using our limited-time Shopee voucher code, such as free shipping, 10% coins cashback, RM 15 off for Alliance cardholders, and RM 30 off for Ambank cardholders. Reasons to buy perfume? There are a few notable ones, and we will list them here.

Perfumes can make you feel more hygienic and positively affect your health by improving sleep, boosting energy, confidence, and relaxation. This positive effect comes from pure essential oils, which are usually embedded into these colognes. Either way, perfume is an excellent gift for your dad, and of course, it shows how much you care about your dad’s grooming and appearance. Sometimes elderly don’t bother much about their appearance due to their age, and it is up to us to make them feel better.

There are many products to browse from the ones we highlight here. Check out here for other exclusive brands on discounts, such as Birkenstock, Dr. Cardin, and Fossil. Please note that our voucher codes for Shopee and Lazada don’t last forever. Since Father’s Day is around the corner, you should hop on Hargapedia, check our voucher Malaysia offers and do your shopping before 19 June!



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