Top 4 Popular July Products to Use With Shopee voucher code & Lazada Voucher Code Malaysia



Hargapedia is back to providing you 4 popular July products that you can redeem with this limited-time Lazada free voucher Malaysia and Shopee voucher code. There are so many products to look into, and we just handpicked four products that could grab your attention. Due to popular demand, we also include cooking oil products and their price comparison, respectively. You may check them here.

Wonda Coffee

Who doesn\’t love coffee? We all do, and this month\’s offer from Wonda would benefit all coffee lovers. Wonda offers Free Wonda Instant Coffee Premium Class Pouch with the purchase of 1 carton of Goodday UHT Full Cream Milk. Instant coffee helps a lot since it is the same as real coffee ( you must grind and brew before drinking it). The big difference is that instant coffee has less coffee concentration than \”real coffee.\” Anything else is just the same.

Antioxidants are the key benefit of drinking coffee. People aren\’t aware that our body produces coexist-free radicals, toxic compounds that can grow into severe illnesses and impact our health in the long run. Drinking coffee can shield your body cells from these dangerous free radicals. Better yet, studies have discovered that instant coffee may have more robust antioxidants such as polyphenols and chlorogenic acid.

If you are thinking of losing weight, instant coffee could be a better option since there are claims that it can stimulate fat loss and speed up metabolism. Those are the two significant factors in burning your calories. Another new study seems to strengthen this claim. It explains that caffeine assists your system in burning brown adipose tissue, aka \”brown fat,\” which is usually enforced in your body to prevent you from feeling cold. So get Wonda Coffee using our Lazada voucher code Malaysia and reap the benefits of instant coffee today!

Eucerin Products

Eucerin is well-known German personal care and skin care product that now offers up to a 33% discount for their advanced skin treatment product. Eucerin Hyaluron Filler can be a solution for those concerned about skin aging. Hyaluronic acid is a molecule that is naturally generated by the body. This hyaluronic acid is responsible for hydrating your skin, and it will get depleted each time due to the natural aging process and exposure to pollution and tobacco smoke.

That is why you should try using Eucerin Hyaluron Filler because it provides your body\’s daily protection. It boosts skin moisture and enhances the quality of life with dry skin. It also assists your body in healing your wound. The reason behind it is due to the components that are embedded in Hyaluronic Acid. These components play a crucial role in all stages of tissue repair, such as scar formation, remodeling, cellular migration, and inflammation. Many research articles strengthen these facts if you find them hard to believe.

Redeem this valuable Hyaluron Filler by using our Lazada voucher code Malaysia today! It is worth RM 15 off. 


Use Our Shopee Voucher for This Exclusive July 25 Sale!


SAMView Digital LED TV

For Shopee lovers, then you would probably want to check our available Shopee voucher code. The most significant offer on Shopee is the 32-inch SAMView Digital Led TV. The best thing is, you can get this premium feature TV for only RM25 on July 25! SAMview LED TV comes with three HDMI ports and one USB port. So that would be good news for anyone who wants to use it for gaming since you can now use the extra ports for another monitor, laptop, and other devices.

Enough with the features. Now, let\’s talk about the display, which is Light Emitting Diodes (LED). Many of us are still clueless about the type of displays offered by Digital or Smart televisions nowadays. Unlike the standard LCD TVs that use cold cathode fluorescent lights (CCFLs), LED TVs are a type of LCD TV that uses light-emitting diodes to backlit the display. So how does it fare against another popular type of display called Plasma?

If you are looking to save electricity costs, LED TVs are a better option since the newer models don\’t consume much power and according to a review, LED uses about 50 watts while plasma TVs can consume up to 500 watts of power. That power consumption is even more than a normal-sized refrigerator! Besides that, if you are picky about color and brightness, it is wiser to opt for LED-backlit LCDs because they show a higher capacity when offering those features. 

Lastly, LED tv is proven to have a way higher life span than Plasma tv. LED has about 100,000 hours, while Plasma can last in the range of 20,000-60,000 hours. It means that LED TVs can last up to roughly 11 years. For those not planning to change their television for a long time, you don\’t have to think twice about buying this SAMView Digital LED TV. Only RM25! Don\’t wait too long as this valuable offer only lasts from 12 am-2 am on July 25. 

Duckbill Mask

Lately, new variants of Covid-19 are emerging, and it is best to equip yourself with the latest face masks. We want to highlight this new trending Mask DuckBill that is available on Shopee, and on July 25, the price will only be RM1.85. If you miss the 25th July deal, not to worry, as our Shopee voucher code is here to the rescue! So what are the benefits of this trendy mask?

It is a 4-layer mask, and extra layers are proven more efficient than a standard 1-layer mask. The material is medical-grade, so rest assured that you don\’t have to worry about viruses, air pollution, and bacteria. The mask has improved optimal airflow comfort for breathability and is extra soft. The material is hypoallergenic, thus preventing you from sneezing if you are allergic to pollen. Over 893,000 Duckbill Masks are already sold on Shopee, so get yours today!

Limited-Time Only!

Get these Shopee and Lazada vouchers as soon as possible. For those who love Shopee, use our coupons, and do your shopping on the selected products on July 25. If you are intrigued about pricing, you may use our comparison site to do some research first. We are updated daily and always check on Hargapedia for the latest great deals in Malaysia and upcoming exclusive vouchers and discounts! 


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