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What is A Planogram and How to Use It

Planogram Visual Shop

Planogram Visual Shop

Our previous blog focused on the benefits of planograms to retail businesses. However, talking about the advantages is not enough to convince business owners, especially in the retail industry, since they still opt for the traditional method such as drawing using a pen or word processor. We will go through what a planogram is and explore how to utilise this tool further.

What is a Planogram

A planogram is a tool utilised by retailers in the visual merchandising sector. It can also be known as POG. Planogram is usually in the form of a diagrammatic or a visual representation of a physical store that assists retailers in organising their product placement and shop layout to enhance sales. Apart from identifying product placement on shelves, a planogram shows the location of your displays, point-of-sale, and aisles. Planogram benefits retail businesses because they can leverage your retail space, which is usually costly, and at the same time provide a roadmap for your staff so that they know where the products are.

Knowing how to use a planogram entirely is essential as it can guide you in evaluating sales strategies and enhance your business by revealing the weak areas. Many research companies in Singapore offer Planograms, be it software or via services.

How to read/use a Planogram

A well-planned planogram will identify the ideal location of every stock-keeping unit (or SKU) in your shop. Therefore, your staff must understand how a planogram works to plan and place those products accordingly.

How to read a planogram precisely? We provide it here in the following list.

  • Specifications

First, you must comprehend the specifications/dimensions and the display type (aka shelf space) utilised. Some generic types of displays are vending machines, gondolas, and coolers.

  •  Identify the correct product placement.

You should specify which products and where you should display them on your shelves. Not sure about the facings? Follow the planogram’s recommendation and stick to their figures. Disagreement to this would affect the product’s planned exposure to your customers and stop you from achieving your sales goals. Besides understanding the diagram reading, do provide your staff access to data to understand a precise SKU, where it is, and how they enhance its placement. Information such as sell-by dates, sales frequencies, and sales volumes of your SKUs can assist your staff.

Planogram Software

The core part of planogram is category management, and Intrack, one of the market research companies in Singapore, is well-versed in that area. They have their very own professional planogram software dedicated to shelf space planning. Retail shelf planner is the name of their software, and everyone can now use this professional space management software:


  • Enhance the variety of products carried and maximise space allocation
  • Shelf layout that replicates purchasing behaviour
  • Minimise in the event of out-of-stock
  • Stabilise shelf inventory and consumer demand
  • Well organised between consumer demand and shelf inventory
  • Productive staff usage during the shelf-reset period
  • The software provides more insights into sales performance against your competitors

Professional Floor Plan

Apart from organising shelf space, a retailer floor plan is another feature that businesses can explore further. Ideally, floorplans or shop structures are run by operational departments while missing out on the commercial and consumer segments. To fix this, we provide Retail Floor Planner, which brings the benefits of reorganising your shop or opening a new shop:

  • Enhance the allocation of all categories in the precise location and space
  • Minimise downtime during a store reorganisation or starting a new store quicker
  • Offer consumers/customers a more fantastic shopping experience via amiable shop design and improved category density

While most companies offer Planogram software, Intrack’s software contains 2-in-1 services which greatly benefit retail businesses. What’s more, Intrack offers free software trial copy and 2 hours of consultation. Contact Intrack today!

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