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Drypers, Shopee Vouchers and Best Deals in Malaysia

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Drypers has always been one of Malaysia’s favourite baby diaper brands; lately, people are always looking for Drypers Touch and Drypers Drypantz XL. Google them, and you can easily find both products that receive rave reviews from blogs and product review websites. Apart from Drypers, we also cover exclusive food promotions such as grilled meat by Nando’s and Tony Roma’s. Let’s look deeper into these products and their unique features. If you want the best deals in Malaysia, hop on to the next paragraph to learn more about the products we highlight today!

Drypers Drypantz XL 

The Drypantz type is excellent for mobility due to its flexible waistband feature. If your child is active and constantly likes to move around, this Drypantz diaper could be a good fit. Drypers has made this diaper custom-fit for babies at different growth stages. They are LaydownFIT for Newborn/S sizes, CrawlFIT for M-L sizes, and MoveFIT for XL-XXL sizes. Each type provides its features. For example, Drypers MoveFIT provides a flexible waistband feature that allows for optimum stretch. It means the diaper has a flexible design that flexibly adapts to the baby’s body contour, thus making sure the diaper is in the ideal position during any events, including playtime and heavy peeing. Another notable feature is the 6 AbsorbDRY Layers which provide up to 10 hours of dryness. It successfully absorbs, distributes, and restrains urine, providing comfort and keeping the baby’s skin dry.

Drypers Touch

If you are a very particular parent about your baby’s comfort and skin health, then you should try Drypers Touch since this diaper specialises in those areas. Drypers Touch is known to keep your baby’s skin dry for up to 12 hours. It is possible since Drypers only choose the suitable materials that matter most to the baby’s skin. Another unique feature is its breathable design to ensure good air circulation, reduce moisture, and preserve the natural microclimate of baby skin. 

Drypers Wee Wee Dry

6 AbsorbDRY layers for efficient distribution and fast absorption? 100% cloth-made diaper? Yes, Drypers Wee Wee Dry has those unique features and many more. You may want to grab it as soon as possible since it is on sale today, which starts at 4 pm. Buy it now on Shopee at a 28% discount. Add on the Shopee voucher; you can get even more deals from RM20 to RM60.


Foodpanda Voucher with Hargapedia

Need to satisfy your food cravings? Too lazy to get out of your office or home? Fret not, as you can redeem the Foodpanda Malaysia voucher from us. Choose up to 10 Foodpanda vouchers ranging from RM 10 to 50%. The biggest one would be “Pesta Foodpanda,” and you can redeem up to 40% off for any selected restaurant. You can find some of the most preferred brands here, such as ZUS Coffee, Tealive, A&W, and Tony Romas. For those who haven’t tried ZUS, this is the right time to do it since you. Get out of your Starbucks loop and try ZUS for a different coffee taste. 

ZUS coffee has been around since 2019, and they have been one of the local businesses that flourished even during the covid period. So what makes it different from any other coffee? Aside from its best quality ingredients and high-level coffee brewing technology, its innovative style leads to a unique style of coffee that has yet to be seen in mainstream coffee chains such as Starbucks and Coffee Bean. For example, they have localised drinks such as Pandan coconut latte, ZUS Gula Melaka, and many more! 


“Grilled” for thought? Use the Foodpanda voucher!

Nando’s and Tony Roma’s are two big brands renowned for grilled meat. Many people would opt for healthier meals such as grilled chicken but couldn’t figure out where to get a nice one. With our Foodpanda voucher, you can redeem 50% off at Nando’s (Pearl Point) and Tony Romas (NU Sentral). Yes, you heard it right. 50% off for any meal or set, provided you spend RM 25 and above. 

We highlight Grilled chicken for a few reasons, and mainly it is a much healthier option than the traditional frying method. The frying process causes a lot of fat absorption and can also affect low-fat foods when applying this method. So what does this fat do to our body? It spikes up the blood cholesterol level! High cholesterol levels lead to more significant risks to health because it clogs arteries over time. It causes blockage in blood flow and ultimately increases blood pressure. 

How to prevent this? Just grill it, then. If you wonder why grilled meats have reduced fat content, it is because fat leaks off as the food cooks. The outcome is healthier meals and managing a hassle-free low-fat diet. Apart from that, grilled foods contain lower calorie content due to the method mentioned above, where the fat dropped. 

Another essential benefit of grilling is that it decreases the risk of certain diseases and ensures you reap the value of your food. It is due to the short span of cooking time when you grill. Ultimately it produces minimal moisture loss and vitamins from vegetables, ensuring that as much of the nutritional content is preserved in the food while being cooked. 

That’s all from us for this week on the Hargapedia blog. For more info, please visit Hargapedia and get the latest pricing for the things you need!


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