Five types of bread widely use in Malaysia

type of bread in malaysia
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Numerous sorts of bread are part of the dominant diet of most cultures in the world. Types of yeast bread such as baguettes, white sandwich loaves, whole wheat bread, or brioche are common top picks. Additionally, tortillas, naan bread, matzo, and pita are an example of various types of flatbread. There are also healthy varieties of bread that contain whole grains, are made using rye flour, or use baking soda instead of yeast.

As per a few sources, bread is the oldest kind of prepared food. The essential ingredients to make bread are simply flour, water, and a rising agent. Most kinds of grain are appropriate for making bread. Wheat bread is the most well-known type notwithstanding, barley, rye, millet, and corn are popular bread-making ingredients. You can likewise make gluten-free bread from rice, corn, or almond flour.

If you like bread for making sandwiches, using it as a complement meal, or simply toasting a slide of bread, there is a sort of bread for you.

In this article, we will talk about the most well-known type of bread that widely use in Malaysia. You will likewise find out about the best sort of bread to eat.

  1. White Bread
    White bread is the most well-known sandwich bread and is sometimes called a sandwich loaf. The usual ingredients to make a white loaf are wheat flour, yeast, and water.Most types of white bread have a delicate fluffy centre and a medium to the soft crust. The most well-known shape of white bread is square since it is normal used for sandwiches or toasting. Different kinds of white bread are made into different shapes of buns. These bread rolls are the staple of food like hotdogs, burgers, or can be loaded up with different sandwich fillings.Since white flour contains fewer nutrients than whole wheat flour, white bread isn’t as healthy for you like whole wheat or whole grain bread.
  2. Baguette Bread
    Baguette is likewise called French bread and is a long kind of white yeast bread. Aside from its long length, the baguette should also have a crispy crust and a delicate fluffy centre.Contingent upon the bakery, some French sticks can be up to 3 ft. (1 m) long. baguette is also a very versatile loaf. Baguette is probably the best bread for sandwiches and it is normally the loaf of choice for submarine sandwiches. Or on the other hand, you can cut the loaf in half and top the crusty loaf with your favourite topping filling.
  3. Whole Wheat Bread
    Whole wheat bread (or, wholemeal bread) is a healthy kind of brown-coloured bread as it uses whole grain wheat flour. In a certain place, this bread is referred to as wheat bread.Bread made from whole wheat flour contains nutrients like fibre, nutrients, and minerals. This makes whole wheat bread a better decision of bread than white bread. You can also use whole wheat bread to make sandwiches or some other kind of snack that requires bread.Likewise, with different kinds of white bread, other ingredients can be added to whole wheat bread to change its texture and taste.
  4. Brioche Bread
    Brioche is a kind of French wheat bread that has a light fine texture. Varieties of brioche bread can be flavorful or sweet bread. The contrast between brioche bread and regular wheat bread is the ingredients used. Eggs, butter, and milk are added to the bread blend to make rich French bread. Brioche is a tasty sort of white bread with a soft golden brown outside layer.Contrasted with white bread, there is an unmistakable richness to the flavour of brioche. Aside from being the best kind of bread for French toast, brioche rolls are a top pick for serving gourmet burgers.
  5. Coffee bun
    Usually known as Mexican Coffee Bun, a sweet bun with espresso flavour mixing and margarine filling. It’s popular in Malaysia and Asia. Mexican Coffee Bun is a bun stacked down with butter and has an exceptionally crispy coffee topping. If you might want to taste the delectable Mexican coffee bun in Malaysia search for Papparoti the leading Malaysian bread brand. You should try their coffee bun, the best coffee bun recipe and you’ll never think twice about it.


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