Know 5 Benefits of At-Home Covid Self Test Kit, PCR, and Antigen Tests


Covid-19 Test kit is a set of medical tools that you can buy online or at your preferred pharmacy and shops. These home test kits let you test for, monitor, or particularly screen diseases and conditions in the privacy of your home. Currently, there are two types of Covid home test kits determined by swab type: through nasal or saliva. Now, the Ministry of Health has approved 15 brands of self-test kits. Some notable brands are Newgene, Salixium, Sejoy, and Neutrovis. Many people still tend to overlook the benefits of using Covid-19 home test kits, so we will share 5 benefits of doing it at home and the types of Covid-19 Tests, and we will also explore these two types of Covid-19 tests, which are PCR and Antigen.

5 Benefits of Covid Self Test Kit 

Instant Results Pre and Post-Travel

Now that the borders are reopened, it will be exciting to travel overseas and locally. However, COVID is still at large despite undergoing the transition phase from epidemic to endemic. The advancement and easy availability of the Covid Self Test Kit means that we don’t have to go to clinics or hospitals for Covid testing. You can do everything at home using the Antigen test (Rapid Test) or RT-PCR test. By doing it at home and retrieving results instantly, you can prevent the spread of Covid-19 by determining when to quarantine if you get infected and avoid bringing the virus home if you catch it en route.

Child Safety

If you have a child, it is advisable to do the home testing for Covid-19 since nasal swab tests at clinics could be too painful to bear. Besides preventing your children from a higher risk of infection due to public exposure, you can do self-testing at home safely and comfortably. With an addition of a familiar environment, your child will be less worried and pressured throughout their tests. These self-test kits have high accuracy, so there is no need to bring your children to a clinic or hospital unless their health conditions turn severe.


Most of the time, we don’t want our current health conditions to be known to the public, especially with social media and so on. If we are tested positive for severe infections like Covid-19, the test results should be private and attentive. You don’t want your test results to be known publicly or spread through word of mouth. Besides making you uncomfortable, Covid-19 is still a severe issue, and your close friends or peers would try to avoid you, which might result in self-isolation.

Accessibility Considerations

Another good thing about not leaving your home is that you can save a lot of money. These days, transportation can be costly, mainly if you rely on Grab. Using the Covid-19 test kit at home, you can prevent yourself from forking out RM 20-50 for a trip. Another thing to note is the waiting time where you have to queue while waiting for your appointment with the doctor. It could also be worse if that is a popular clinic. There is a very high possibility that you would not be the first patient on that day to undergo the covid-19 test there. With that said, apart from saving your transportation expenses, you also get to save time by not being in the clinic in the first place.

Save Cost

There is a big gap between the two prices (at home and clinic/hospital). For instance, an antigen test at home can cost you an average of RM5-RM20, while at the clinic, it could cost you in the range of RM 50-170 per test. Imagine the things you can spend on by saving that amount of money. You can save even more with Shopee voucher code and Lazada voucher code Malaysia when you shop on Hargapedia, the best price comparison site in Malaysia.


Types of Covid-19 Self Test Kits


PCR or nasal swab is the most common form of the Covid-19 test and is widely used due to its high accuracy. In this type of test, even though it is costly, the chances of receiving a false positive or false negative result are slim; thus, it is the most preferred way if you are in an emergency or developing any severe symptoms related to Covid-19. PCR test works by collecting and analysing your fluids retrieved from the back of your sinus cavity. The analysis can then tell if the liquid has material belonging to the Covid-19 virus or not. The results will usually return within 3 days or 24 hours for an additional fee.


Antigen, also known as the ‘rapid test,’ is a Covid-19 test that collects and analyses samples of fluids from your throat or sinus cavity. The former is the most preferred method due to the benefits mentioned above that have been described earlier. The test would track certain protein elements that are located on the surface of the Covid-19 virus. It can be processed instantly, and the results are usually available within 15 minutes. The only drawback of this test is that it has a slightly higher false negatives rate than the PCR test.

It is entirely up to you whether the preferred method is an at-home Covid test kit or Covid test in a clinic. If your condition is severe, then the latter is the best choice since you may get treatment immediately by doctors. If you are in a hurry or not receiving any symptoms, go for the Covid self-test kit. Hargapedia offers the best price options and a free voucher for all types of Covid self-test kits. The price is up-to-date, and all you have to do is visit their website and choose the self-test kit brand you prefer the most.



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