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3 Best Baby Products That You Can Get with Lazada Voucher Code Malaysia

Baby Products

Baby Products


Electric and Manual Breast Pump

Previously we mentioned baby diapers, food, and toiletries. For this month’s article, we pick on these 3 unique baby products and start with breast pumps. There has always been an ongoing discussion on whether expressing breast milk using manual or electricity is better. Firstly, electric breast pumps are powerful, fast, effective, and supply boosting. Nowadays, mothers can choose the grade level of the breast pump. The consequential types are often matched with hospital-grade quality. Even though they are more expensive, hospital-grade electric breast pumps assist mothers in pumping more milk in less time. 

The second benefit of an electric pump is its ability to express as much as required quickly and effectively. That can save time. Hence mums can focus on other tasks. You can also use them on the go since electric pumps can be attached if paired with a car adapter or power converter. It certainly gives the electric breast pump the edge, especially if you are a working mother or travelling around.

Now let’s look at what manual breast pumps can offer. Generally, manual pumps are a good option for mums who pump seldomly or do not rely on expressed breast milk as the primary source of nutrition for their baby. Manual pumps are very light and super portable. They benefit the mums if they carry too much stuff while walking with their baby. The manual pump is easy to use since you don’t require wires or make some adjustments to the settings. All you need is to attach it to your breast, and you are free to carry out any other house chores. For mothers on a tight budget, manual pumps are a better option, provided that you don’t use breast milk as the primary source. The last benefit of manual pumps is their accessibility. Since manual pumps don’t require a power source or batteries, you can use them anytime.

You can get all the best brands, such as the Spectra S1 Plus Hospital grade double electric breast pump, and for the manual, you can look for the Medela Manual Harmony breast pump. These two great products are available on Lazada and Shopee. You can redeem via our Shopee voucher code and Lazada voucher code Malaysia for discounts. 


Baby Car Seat 

The second type of product that we would like to touch on is baby car seats since a lot of families generally don’t think that baby car seats are necessary since parents can carry or put their child on their lap. It is not a practical solution because doing that will not protect the child from car accidents or any severe damages. It is always best to provide a car seat if you have a child under 5. Baby car seats are designed as the best protective gear to prevent significant injuries related to car accidents and car crashes. 

Seatbelts provided in cars are not suitable since they are designed for adult sizes, and they cannot fit correctly on a child; hence multiple belts and locks that are provided for the baby car seats will keep the child secured. You can shop the best-selling brands, such as Nuna Pipa, available on Shopee and Lazada. Make sure to use our voucher codes for lower prices.


White Noise Machine

 A white noise machine is another unique baby product rarely discussed. The function of a white noise machine is to put the baby to sleep because they provide ambient sounds, and the low hum can comfort your baby. However, there are some complaints regarding the product since few studies mentioned that the constant exposure to these sound pressure levels could cause hearing damage. Thus, putting a distance between the machine and your baby is recommended. Ideally, it is best to set the volume low at 50 decibels for safety measures. 

There are many types of white noise machines on the market, and they have various kinds of sounds like a vacuum cleaner, a humming air conditioner, a whirring fan, or television static. You can find all the best white noise baby products starting from RM20 and above on Shopee and Lazada.

For alternatives, you can find all other products such as drypers Malaysia, toiletries, and many more on Hargapedia, the best price comparison site in Malaysia. Exclusive discounts and vouchers are also available for a limited time only. Redeem them today.


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