Important of URL Structure in SEO

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URLs are quite possibly the most fundamental yet significant components of SEO. Indeed, even today, most SEO specialists will tend to disregard it. The great URL structure of a website can help improvise SEO by giving a good navigational experience. It can also be tracked in Google Analytics for information monitoring purposes.

In this article, we will examine the fundamental information of URLs like, what is URL? How a URL resembles? What are the URL structure and its significance?

What is the URL?

URL is a contraction for “Uniform Resource Locator” and is used to recognize the address of a specific document or other resources on the internet. URLs comprise of different parts that incorporate “a protocol and a domain name.” It informs a browser regarding how and from where to retrieve a resource.

Example of URL:

This is an example of a URL that houses a digital hosting service related to SEO service at the domain Shinjiru and the path/seo-malaysia. Together forming a URL:

What is the URL structure?

URL structure is the shape of how a specific URL resembles. Generally, it either begins with “HTTP or HTTPS.”

S represents the secured version of a website in “HTTPS.” It is suggested to utilize “HTTPS” for the many reasons that you can peruse here.

After that follow, www and the name of your domain, similar to and afterward comes the directory or the path where your content is stored,

What is the significance of URL structure in SEO?

If you notice the SERP results cautiously, you will not see a URL that has an improper structure. Possibly you see a search result with breadcrumbs or a proper URL structure.

Each search result has three fundamental components that a user will see. They are:

  • Title
  • URL
  • Description

We trust that the first impression always counts and search engine like Google pays attention to this seriously. Given these components, a user is probably going to click on a search result.

Other than these, there is likewise another reason for the significance of URL structure in SEO.

  1. User ExperienceAn ideal URL structure will depict the web page, both humans and search engines. This improves click-through rates and restricts the bounce rate. It should exclude unnecessary parameters.
  2. RankingsAccording to the Backlinko article, URLs play a significant part in ranking a specific page. Even though URLs can’t rank themselves, a keyword in the URL can improve the page’s ranking, giving better visibility. Consequently, it is critical to make URLs that describe the content and not simply add keywords randomly.
  3. Tracking in AnalyticsIt is important to know how the landing pages of a website are performing. Suppose the site you are tracking has a large number of landing pages. Having a clean URL structure makes it simpler to recognize which pages are getting what amount of traffic. You can tell which pages of the site have performed well by taking a glance at the landing page.
  4. Keep it Simple and ConciseMake URLs that are straightforward, relevant, convincing, and exact to the content. A short URL with a keyword inserted into it is always a best practice. It should be easy for users and search engines to understand what to expect from the URLs by taking a glance at them.The most ideal approach to keep a URL structure clean is by making them SEO-friendly. SEO-friendly URL structure requests to follow a particular structure that could differ depending on the type of website. E.g.,For a blog, the structure could be: If your blog has different categories, it can be changed to

    For E-commerce, it could be: ub-category/product

    where; dept = mens, womens, boy, girls, kids; category = top-wear ; sub-category = t-shirts ; product = black t-shirt

    Today, the competition to rank at the top of the Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) is higher than any time in recent memory. Businesses vigorously invest in Digital Marketing Services and majorly into SEO service since the cost per lead is less than paid or other channels in Malaysia. Subsequently, while you deal with each technical part of a website, don’t miss to think about the structure of the URL. If you are looking for best SEO services in Malaysia head down to Shinjiru for the best SEO result!




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