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Importance of Using Felt Fabric in Malaysia

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Felt is a non-woven fabric made of fibers that are “felted” or coincided together. It’s probably the oldest kind of fabric, since making it doesn’t need a loom or even spinning the fibers into thread first. In ancient times, felt were used to make floor coverings, shoes, apparel, and even tents. Today, felt actually has a wide assortment of uses, ranging from decoration and artworks to garments. It’s even utilized in some industrial applications, for example, soundproofing and cushioning for machine.

There are many range type of felt fabric supplier available in Malaysia, from bright color craft felt made of synthetic materials to undyed felt produced using sheep’s wool. Besides various color and fibers, felt likewise comes in various weight or thicknesses. Thick felt is frequently utilized as cushioning or protection, while thinner felt used in everything from children’s craft project to millinery (cap making).

From multiple points of view, felt has some unmistakable advantage over other fabric types. For instance:

No Fraying

Since felt isn’t woven, cut edges won’t fray. This makes it an extraordinary material for no-sew craft project, just as an amazing practice material for kids first figuring out how to sew. It’s likewise an ideal material to utilize when making appliques or decoration to add to different activities since no trimming is required for singular pieces.


Despite the fact that there is top of the line felts available that can be a bit pricier, felt generally is a reasonable material to work with, which again makes it an extraordinary practice material for starting sewing. However, felt does act differently from woven materials, so don’t attempt to mock-up project you intend to make from woven fabrics by using felt.

Easily available

Each fabric store will have man type of felts available, yet in case you’re searching for make craft-project felt, you won’t have to hit your nearby local shop. Supermarket that carry fundamental art supplies will usually have sheets of felt on offer. For bigger project, or better grade of felt, you can get it by the yard at your neighborhood fabric store. In case you’re feeling little daring, you can even make your own felt at home from unspun wool. At Oceancash Malaysia, they are the best felt fabric supplier in Malaysia with experience of 23rd years in this industry provide the high quality of product to their client.


With regards to ways felt can be utilized, the potential outcomes are essentially unfathomable. It’s ideal for winter accessories like caps, gloves, and scarves. Use it to beautify the house by hanging together festive shapes into customized laurels, or add surface to toss pads with felt shapes. Ensure your floors by cushioning the legs of furniture with felt, and include decorative storage with simple felt boxes. You can decorate with felt bags and purses, and thicker sorts of felt are even water-resistant, make them an incredible decision for house shoes. With felt project, you’re just restricted by your mind.

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