Effective Event Registration System: Creating Succesful Corporate Events

Ultimate Guide for Event Registration System

A successful conference or corporate event is the result of careful planning and obtaining the correct information when and how you want it to be. Using a capable event registration system will make your event planning much more efficient, effective, and effortless throughout the process.

In Malaysia, there are a lot of event registration services for large conferences or events to simplify the registration processes. For example, Smart Reg System, a corporate event registration system provider in Malaysia, offers customized online forms and payment gateway to allow smooth registration and payment systems for their clients.

Any corporate event planner will tell you that gathering accurate information is critical to the success of an event.

It is critical to collect the necessary information from potential or confirmed presenters, such as biographies, abstracts, and photos, in addition to attendees.

We’ve all been to an event or function where someone has requested another meal due to a special dietary requirement that was not noted on the RSVP or registration form.

What about someone who accidentally chose the wrong session for a conference and wants to switch to another one a few minutes before it starts?

Although there will be issues at any event, having user-friendly technology will help to reduce these issues and stress for those organizing the event.

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The main advantage of a good event registration system is that it creates a single point of contact for all information needed from attendees, presenters, and exhibitors.

An online event registration form or event registration app could assist you to improve the efficiency and speed of the registration process. There is a variety of event registration platforms free to use that you could take advantage of on this matter.

It will include a front end that your attendees and presenters can use to submit information. It will also have a back end where you and your organizing team can view, change, download, or report on information.

It will also have reporting capabilities, allowing you to generate all of those important onsite lists with the click of a button.

A good event registration system can also be integrated into your event website and distributed as a link. It can also be personalized with your company or event branding.


Many event registration systems especially those event registration systems with QR codes function can be customized, so the information it can collect is entirely up to you.

In general, an event registration system is used to collect important information from attendees such as names, contact information, special dietary needs, conference sessions, and team-building activities.

It can also enable attendees to book and pay for the conference as well as any ‘extras’ such as accommodation, travel, social activities, and corporate training.

It can collect biographies, images, and presentation information from speakers. An event registration system can take bookings and collect exhibitors’ stand requirements, company information, and logos.

It can be used effectively by organizers to monitor numbers for each session or team activity and provide automated communication back to attendees, such as registration, travel, and accommodation confirmation.


The basic functions are simple to use and have been designed with the user in mind.

It can become a little more complicated as you add more customized features and extras such as travel, lodging, session selection, and team-building activities.

A professional conference organizer, can set up and manage a registration system for you, or assist you in sourcing a system and some of the more complex features.

Normally, these companies are a “one-stop shop” in the sense that they can manage an entire event for you or simply provide a registration system and support as needed.


To begin with, the appropriate event registration system for one company may not be appropriate for another. It all comes down to what works best for your event and what features you require.

Consider how frequently you will use it, how many registrations you anticipate, whether there will be a fee for attendees, how many questions you will need to ask, whether files will need to be uploaded and whether you want it to feature your branding.

There are various packages for most systems, each with a different price depending on many of these answers. Some offer free event registration platforms or free even registration apps, while others charge higher prices with better perks and functionality.

So, do your research to find the best event registration platforms for you.

If you are looking for a professional event registration system provider in Malaysia, you may pay a visit to Smart Reg System. They are more than qualified to assist you on this matter.


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