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5 ways To leverage Mystery Shopping To Your Business In Singapore

Mystery Shopping


Mystery shopping has been one of the most popular types of market research, and market research companies widely use it to help enhance their clients’ businesses. The mystery shopper is a contract employee who assesses businesses while ‘playing’ the role of a customer. The term is also coined as secret shoppers, and they can be deployed in various business sectors across industries, such as restaurants, service facilities, and retail outlets. Depending on the tasks, mystery shoppers shop in-store, or some may disguise themselves as customers online or on the phone. In Singapore, many people are looking up “mystery shopper Singapore” who want to earn extra income or companies looking to enhance their business.


Insight Into your Staff Behaviour

The SOP may be the universal process in ensuring that the employees adhere to the business structure for any situation. Questions arise as in do they follow your instructions or the SOP? Are they being picky when dealing with the customers, or are they pretentious concerning SOP? They may say that they will comply with the procedures but do not execute them.

The mystery shopping method provides you with an insight into your employee performance. Businesses can view how they perform off the record and judge from there if these staffs keep up with the procedures or the brand promise of your business. For any business, it is crucial for efficient company performance because they can recognise who is the main culprit that causes the issue. Is it the management, the staff, or an individual move?

Consequently, the result of mystery shopping implementation will display which staff members are negligent and whose performance exceeds expectations.


Examine Competitors

Besides investigating your staff or business performance, mystery shoppers can regularly check how your competitors perform. Mystery shoppers can discover staff behaviour, and daily operations and see how people react to their brand and services or products.

Assessing the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors can be leveraged for your business advantage. For example, suppose you can detect your major competitor regularly short of a particular product or item in high demand. In that case, your business can place an extra stock of this in-demand item.

New companies or startups can benefit mainly by “mystery shopping” other established companies in the same industry. Likewise, the established companies, too, since with a bigger budget can also utilise mystery shopping to gain a competitive advantage with a bigger budget.


Checking Internal Procedures

Another way to leverage mystery shopping is to get “real” feedback and performance reports. Many businesses feel that assigning their employees to get feedback alone is already enough, but little did they know that biases can happen in that procedure. Logically, employees are biased toward feedback detrimental to their actual KPIs or in crucial areas that need improvement. These employees know that this direct feedback can sometimes affect their role in the company and prevent them from getting promotions. They likely give out feedback or reports to customers on minor issues.

Mystery shopping allows you to get an objective perspective of your customers from a person whose intention is only to find the truth. Mystery shoppers can provide your business with encouraging feedback relating to internal procedures of your business, analyse particular aspects that you point out beforehand, and research.


Evaluate New Products

Evaluating new products or services are also crucial to businesses as it could give them the edge in the market share and give the customers something new to try on. However, things can be contradicted, as in you believe this can boost your sales in a week or months, but the numbers say otherwise. Why is that? Maybe your employees do not adhere to the plan, or it does not meet customers’ expectations.

Since there are many reasons for this, and to get something that is unbiased and honest, you may not want to count on your employees alone. Mystery shoppers simplify things by identifying what went wrong by acquiring your customers’ perspectives, who are your foremost critics.


Mystery Shopping Drives Compliance

Any businesses require its staff members to always adhere to particular protocols. Obeying the rules is not as effective as complying with a company’s business policies. When staff members comply correctly, that would promote brand consistency and positively affect the public image overall.

Mystery shopping methods can monitor compliance throughout an organisation without prejudice. Indeed, you may not have an exact idea of what is happening in each outlet. A mystery shopper can give out essential insights into this.

It could be an unsuitable dress code or irregularity with communication ethics that degrade your business values. Mystery shopping assists you in tracking down these issues and making essential measures.

Intrack is one of the leading research companies in Singapore that provides specialisation in FMCG tracking and other businesses. With over 15 years of experience, Intrack provides comprehensive mystery shopper services in Singapore for businesses that require it. These services include designing questionnaires, recruiting and managing mystery shoppers, and many more.


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