Hair just like any part of your body parts is vital to be taken care of. A lot of people are hardly aware of the signs and by the time they have excessive hair loss, it’s already too late. Read the information below on how to know if your hair is healthy and to prevent hair shedding. It’s only going to take 5 minutes of your time.

Minimal falling hair

It is a no-brainer. Although hair fallout is usually natural, the amount of hair should be moderate, not excessive. A good indication is to observe if there is any hair falling out after brushing or shampooing your hair. If it’s excessive, then that is something you should care about.

Smooth and shiny texture

Fingers should run smoothly when running them through your hair. If it does not contain tangles or is frizzy, that means you are on the right track. Other ways to spot them are good elasticity (which will be explained further), and silky which is shiny and smooth. Nightingale studio offers high-quality keratin treatment in Malaysia and they have the experts to make your hair shiny and smooth with such treatment.

Excellent Elasticity

A strong indicator of healthy hair is the ability of the hair to stretch and revert to its original state. The longer it stretches, the higher the elasticity is. Also, excellent elasticity means that you have a balanced amount of moisture and protein, meaning that you have to consume your daily multi-vitamins and exercise regularly to keep your healthy hair maintained.


Your hair should be dandruff- free which means that the hair shouldn’t be scaly ( crusty scalp), itchy scalp ( feel like scratching your head most of the time), and skin flakes (white flakes or light yellow) on your scalp. Check out Nightingale Studio for the best scalp treatment in Malaysia to learn more about scalp and hair loss treatment.

Hair movement

Healthy hair usually has more weight and tends to move compared to processed or worked hair. Due to the chemical treatment, processed hair tends to stay in place. Chemical treatment isn’t necessarily bad, but if it is done too often, that would make the hair look unnatural and eventually hair loss due to the excessive usage of the chemical on the hair.

These are the five signs that are noticeable if your hair is healthy. If you are looking for the best hair treatment/hairdressing, do pay a visit at Nightingale Studio. The hair salon SS2 offers promotions of up to 60% for their services. Get them while they last!